What is a Lifestream?

While most people who visit this blog will probably be fellow students on the EDC course, it is publicly accessible so it would probably be for the best if I explained what it was all about somewhere just in case it confuses the heck out of somebody.

A lifestream is a type of self aggregation. Basically it uses a service like IFTTT to collect together posts and other media connected to a person in one place. For instance this Lifestream collects examples of my presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a few other places. I don’t have a huge presence on social media, so the number of different feeds on my lifestream is probably quite small compared to some of the others. I made some attempts to broaden this during the course of the course, but unfortunately most of them didn’t stick for one reason or another (either the sites didn’t have anything interesting and relevant, or they where difficult to use or just flat out pointless).

Setting up the feeds was quite fun, especially since I had a particular look that I was trying to achieve with the blog. I wanted the different feeds to look as much like screen shots of the original sites as possible. The thought of this type of blog being a sort of “digital scrapbook” made me like the idea of it having the visual feel of having been put together by cutting out pictures of other sites. I’m pleased by the way that some sites give that look (Twitter for instance) while others felt disappointing.

There are all sorts of reasons that you could set up a lifestream, but in this case the idea is to show a community existing for a course without being bound to a specific site.