Lifestream Week 5 Notes

Week 5 started with a post showing a comment that I’d made on one of Adrienne’s Tweets.

Reply to Tweet about a robot being used to treat Coronavirus patients

The original Tweet looked at something very topical, and very related to this course. My reply was a little tongue in cheek (the Robot Overlords line is a quote from Futurama) but the point is still valid – when people see robots and AI being used to save lives it may help to ease some of the fears that people have when they look at these technologies. The mistrust of systems like these and a need to change hearts and minds was becoming a running theme on the MOOC I was doing, so although it looks like a post out of nowhere from me, it actually tied in quite well from my point of view.

Tweet about AI bias in healthcare

Creating an AI using machine learning – Step 1:

Another theme covered in the MOOC was the problem of “baking in” bias and assumptions in any AI developed to look at health. A lot of judgement carried out by humans in these situations can be subjective. Rather than following a strict algorithm the health professional uses knowledge that has become so ingrained that it feels like a hunch. Additionally, other assumptions can be made by practitioners, especially when trying to fit their notes into a rigid framework of the type required for machine learning. Many of the arguments given in this article could equally apply to AI being used in education or any other field where human beings form part of the equation.

Facebook Post about hacking software on children’s computers

Another slightly tongue in cheek post. The original image shows the Desktop icons for a number of pieces of software and then gives a warning about how each piece can be used for nefarious ends. It made me chuckle that whoever put it together included Discord on the list, since this is a programme that we tend to use a fair bit for different courses on the MSc. It does raise a valid point as well though, software can have many uses and shouldn’t be Blackboxed as only being suitable for the original purpose for which it was developed. Discord was designed for use by gamers who wanted to chat while they played, but it is now used for students to discuss their course, and apparently for hackers to pass on tips. The other point that can be made about this post is that whoever put the original image together probably doesn’t have much of a handle on online communities, otherwise they would have known how ridiculous it was to brand Discord as simply being a Hackers’ Forum.

Tweet about Google Education AI MOOCs

This was something I stumbled across when I was looking for a MOOC to study. I remembered that the MOOC I looked at as part of IDEL was about using software, and remembered that it was entirely self directed and without any form of community. Really I think I just shared this in case anyone wanted to look at AI in this way – a random act of internet kindness to the various communities of which I’m a member.

Watchmen – The Sound of Silence via YouTube

Ozymandias – all human, all world saving, all evil.

This was a longer post that I made looking at Allan Moore’s story Watchmen and how some of the characters are definitely inhuman, but how the “level” of humanity had little to do with them being a hero or villain. The post is a lengthy one and it only came about as I added the video to my Lifestream and then a whole load of ideas came to me. There isn’t anything worth adding here about it, and even though it may be a bit of an odd “fit” for the blog, I’m quite pleased with it.

How on earth can you measure “Community” (or “Engagement” in general)?

Another long post looking at how I was intending to measure community and engagement on the MOOC I was doing. There isn’t anything worth adding to this here (any additional notes will be added to the original post). There was a bit of a timing overlap, and although this was intended to be the Week 5 Summary post I didn’t end up posting it until part way through Week 6 (a number of issues at work prevented me from taking any time towards my study at the end of Week 5, I usually get to spend a few hours at work doing things for the course).


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