Re-configuring this blog

Looking at the posts coming in from my Lifestream, and bearing in mind that this blog is primarily being created for the EDC course, I’ve decided to change how it is set up.

This page will continue in a similar vein, with posts being chronological and being a mix of Lifestream elements and my longer posts on particular subjects. I like to write for a general audience, so I’d like to keep it as accessible as possible for people who stumble upon it (or get poked into visiting by me), with additional pages being set up to explain why I have posted certain things, or to explain what I’m doing in a more academic context with references and things like that.

Milk Steak and Jellybeans – a foul calumny. Also an Always Sunny reference, which is long overdue let’s face it.

Hopefully this will make it easier to mark as a project as well, with the assessors not having to wade through a load of my inane posts about niche cartoons and random memes. As I progress in my understanding of Digital Cultures, it becomes more and more obvious that while chaos and random connections are the meat and drink of the internet, unless you construct a proper menu (pun utterly intended) to impose some order on that chaos, you can just end up with offal, boiled in sour milk with a picture of an amusing cat stapled to it for your meal. This restructuring is an attempt to prevent my readers from having to face that particularly ghastly supper.