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Algorithmic Play

This sort of messing about is right up my street, but where to begin? I don’t want to mess up the existing results for something like my Facebook, Google, Alexa, Amazon, eBay and so on, so I thought I’d try downloading something new and having a mess with that.

Probably the most bizarre bazaar on the internet.

Leaping straight towards the most dubious option I could think of, I’ve installed Wish, a shopping app that sells dubious things unfettered by the need for copyright, trademarks, and similar consumer protections. If you want knock-off Lego, things that are photographed to make them look life size but are actually tiny, or gadgets that claim to be able to pick locks or block wifi, then Wish is the place to go!

I have no intention of ever buying anything from Wish, that would be ridiculous. I did give it a bit of a place to start by logging in with my Google account. I don’t really use my Google account for much, but have recently used it to set up Pinterest, Pocket, IFTTT and other things relevant to this course.

Quick question – is Judge Dredd Cyberpunk or a Dystopia?

I’m going to have a look and see what sort of things it thinks I might want to buy, and then use Google to search for lots of cyberpunk things and see how that affects the “merchandise” that Wish shows me.

I get the feeling that this could go terribly wrong and that I may need some sort of mind bleach by the time I’m finished…