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Dr Manhattan – could be human, could be world saving, couldn’t care less.

Dr Manhattan has ultimate cosmic powers to view all time at any point, create and destroy matter and shape anything to his will. He’s also incredibly intelligent. His powers render him very inhuman though, like the cyborgs and AIs we looked at in Block 1 – “A live body and a dead body contain the same number of particles. Structurally there’s no discernible difference.” The villain of this story is human, and is regarded as the most intelligent person alive. His schemes come from a desire to save humanity, but are utterly amoral and inhuman.

Ozymandias – all human, all world saving, all evil.



Is perhaps the fear people have of artificial intelligence coming from the same place? A fear of intelligence rather than the artificial? Is there something that worries people about not being the smartest person in a situation, and not trusting the motives of those they see as more intelligent? The Artificial side of the equation is probably irrelevant up to a certain point. Machines with a limited intelligence don’t seem to worry people – while we can be concerned that data about is is being harvested in some way by Alexa, we don’t generally worry that it will seize control of our appliances and try to take over the world.  Once you get towards the Uncanny Valley of the artificial being close to human but not quite there it creeps people out, but possibly once we pass that phase and the artificial seems human, would it be their intelligence that is feared, or would we cease to fear them?

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EDIT: I think this post probably highlights one of the possible problems with having a Lifestream – What if you have other people (in this case my 3 year old son) who use the same account for something and aren’t aware of the things you’ve set up? Probably a useful reminder that when you look at anyone’s presence on the internet, it may or may not actually be them you’re looking at all the time (or even any of the time!).


I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to this course, so I’ve been reading up on Cyborgs. I think so far Cyborg from Teen Titans GO! is probably my favourite characterisation. He has an array of cool robot parts, and a gritty back story, but despite those things he’s still very human. He makes mystery meatballs, loves 80’s TV, movies and music, and along with his best friend BeastBoy he generally has a great time cracking jokes and playing goofy games. Sort of the opposite of the whole grim, inhuman machine trope that we usually come across.