Lifestream Week 7 Notes

Tweet about the previous week’s long post

This was an attempt to kick up a bit of interest in my blog. While we all keep an eye on each others’ blogs, there are particular posts that I think we would all like to highlight and get comments on. With the differing formats used to set the blogs out, and the differences in design theme it can sometimes be a bit tricky to notice the important posts.

Tweet about wearables

This was an infographic about different wearables that could be used to monitor health. Some of them also have an application in education, and I had a feeling we might be looking at these a bit more when we got to Block 3 – Algorithmic Cultures. Think of this as a sort of foreshadowing.

Tweet about using VR in health training

My favourite set of topics all rolled into one πŸ™‚ I left this in my Lifestream as it gives a sense of who _I_ am and what _my_ interests are outside of the directly relevant posts for the course. A blog is a window into a person’s mind, and I think making sure that my personality and interests show through probably helps to build a rapport with readers, especially if they’re people who stumble upon this blog rather than reading it as part of the course.

Crouchipuss on Reddit: From MOOCs to TikTok: The Unexpected Impact of the MOOC Hype via /r/OnlineEducation

One of the pieces of feedback at the halfway point was that I should try to add some more feeds to my Lifestream. I don’t use that many sites to aggregate information (I much prefer searching directly rather than reading the results of other people’s searches). I decided to try adding Reddit because I heard that there where all sorts of sub feeds that could have interesting things on them and I could probably set some of these to post automatically. It turns out that most of the content on Reddit is dross with the occasional really well hidden gem.

Trying to find a way of posting Reddit content that doesn’t look terrible

As well as the limitation of finding useful content, there was another problem with using Reddit – it looks awful when you set it up to post via IFTTT. As with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, I tried a few variations on the recipe to see if any looked better. The best I could do was this post, but that looks bad with the Dark colour theme I’m using for the blog. I think I will chalk this up to experience and abandon trying to use Reddit.

Pinned to MScEDC Posts 2020 on Pinterest

The next site I tried to add to my Lifestream was Pinterest. I’d seen a few people using this one ant thought it might be worth a try (I like images and infographics, so I thought there might be some worth adding from here). I tried a few different recipes but could not get the image from a Pin to show directly in the Lifestream rather than just a link. I get the feeling that other people are probably quite like me and don’t click links unless they’re hooked in some way. Charles gave me some pointers on setting up Pinterest through an RSS feed recipe on IFTTT, but unfortunately I must have made an error in it somewhere and my blog filled up overnight with dozens of images from irrelevant places on Pinterest, so I spent about 20 minutes deleting posts and then disabled the IFTTT app for this.

Crouchipuss added to Pocket: Embed from Pinterest

As part of trying to set up Pinterest I also looked at Pocket, which I’ve seen a few people use successfully on their Lifestream. I’m considering using this as a replacement for posting articles via Twitter, but it does have the drawback that it isn’t in everyone’s social media, so this method is less engaging.

Crouchipuss has uploaded some data MOOC Data – all personal identifying info removed.

I connected Google Sheets up to post links to this blog via IFTTT. This seems like a great way to share data and findings, so I added some sheets with the raw data from my microethnography.

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