Lifestream Week 8 Notes

By now I was running a little behind, so part way through this week I finally posted my Block 2 Artefact:

Some NHS e-Learning about an NHS MOOC – My Microethnographic Artefact for Block 2

This will be added to its own page in the Artefacts menu as well as having its original post in the Lifestream. I think it is important to have both as this allows it to be seen in context with the feed items that came through at about the same time, and also allows a version to be viewed elsewhere with further explanatory notes.

Tweet about the Artefact

Again, this was me trying to drum up interest. Having added my Artefact a bit late I wanted people to be aware that I had finished it in case they wanted to look at it and leave any comments.

Re-configuring this blog

This post is pinned, but was originally added in this week. My Lifestream was becoming a bit difficult to navigate and I wanted to experiment with adding pages for the important posts and these summaries. While I could have planned for this from the beginning, that would not have allowed the blog to grow in as organic a way as it has.

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