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MOOC Data – all personal identifying info removed.

If anyone is interested in the data that I collected for my microethnography then these sheets contain the raw figures. My analysis went on to about a dozen sheets where I looked at this raw data in a number of different ways.

Created February 28, 2020 at 11:24AM
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Love Pinterest? On, you can easily embed your Pinterest profile, boards, or individual pins simply by pasting the links into any post or page.

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Embed from Pinterest

I’ve seen a few people using Pocket, so I had a look at it. Seems like quite a useful app (especially since it can be used for content anywhere, not just content already on one site). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to embed very well on WordPress and relies on people copying a link into a new tab 🙁

I tried swapping out the shortened IFTTT link for the longer one that it has if you look up the IFTTT applet history. It gives this effect where the title is there instead of a link, and it does link to the right article. However, it doesn’t open in a new tab, so that’s annoying…

Crouchipuss on Reddit: From MOOCs to TikTok: The Unexpected Impact of the MOOC Hype via /r/OnlineEducation

From MOOCs to TikTok: The Unexpected Impact of the MOOC Hype

Submitted January 15, 2020 at 07:39PM by dhawal
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In an attempt to add more feeds to my Lifestream, I’m going to experiment with a few different sites to see what I can add. I think Reddit might be a good one to try, but so far I’m finding it a nightmare to navigate 🙁 I’ll probably give LinkedIn a try and maybe even Pinterest (though I’m not sure how useful that one may be). Has anyone found a way to share things from any audio sites like Soundcloud (other than just pasting in a link)? When I’m looking for things on a subject I usually just Google them rather than trawling specific sites, so setting up a range of feeds is a little bit alien to me…