Blog Post 9

This past week has felt very intense. As the panic around Covid 19 rose it became much harder to focus on my school work. Luckily I incorporated it into my play. I found the results of searching Covid 19 on Pinterest fascinating. It refused to show any results beyond what actual health industries had posted (posters on washing hands properly, handling food and so on). But my feed was suddenly flooded with stress-relieving ideas and coping techniques. Which I found very interesting.

This had been a stark contrast to my other play, searching hiking trails in Germany. I thought it was interesting that the farther down the search I went the more I was steered away from the search. For example, I would start with my search, then scroll down and it would gradually shift from hiking trails to castles to restaurants to travel packing to clothing. I feel this is important to mention because the Covid 19 search must be being searched by everyone right now, so my results might have been somewhat manipulated by the entire planet. Which is a fascinating phenomenon to consider, the entire planet influencing the results for your search? Who does that? What brilliant programmer put into place the algorithm’s ability to detect panic and react to it?

I also posted the video of the algorithm writing a comedy script because I needed a distraction and thought it was funny and an interesting idea. How close are we to computers taking over creativity? It doesn’t look that close, does it?

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