Blog Post 6

This week I fought back and forth with Pinterest a lot. I’m still struggling and trying to figure out how to post to my Livestream but still have something show up. UGH!

This week I posted a lot of funny youtube videos that I thought also contained a grain of truth. I posted these because I had been thinking a lot about what it means to be authentic online as well as in a MOOC.

I liked the video about the Instagram Art Show because it reminded me of people posting things on Instagram, the post getting likes and thus a person would post more. I especially liked the ending of the video when the “artist” is seeking reassurance and all her followers surround her and tell her she’s a great artist. Is this authenticity? Or do we just like other people’s posts because everyone else is? If we saw this art in real life would we be as supportive? Is this a demonstration of the community online?

I thought about the authenticity of people who use social media for their job, of people who have built a career out of being on social media. Thus the video of the beauty blogger. It’s not a secret that these bloggers make money off of sponsored products, but does that undermine their authenticity? Some of these bloggers are looked at as role models, they are trusted by their followers. Some of these bloggers could even claim that they have built a community among their followers. Does that make them authentic?

What about the video about the guy looking at the social media version of his ex-girlfriend? They comment on how everyone looks amazing on social media, no one if being authentic. Everyone uses filters, covers their flaws and hides their insecurities. So if everyone is lying, does that make them authentic in their own way? Does that make them a different kind of authentic? And what does this mean for this community on a whole? In a community where everyone lies, everyone only shows the good in their lives. It reminds me of idea about the 60s when everyone minded their own business, everyone hid who they really were from their friends and neighbors. Its that idea of “what goes on behind closed doors,” except now it’s online. And it might even be easier than it was previously.

I also liked how even though he was over her, he wasn’t over the social media version of his girlfriend. Which is to say, he was still interested in the fantasy she created about her life.

In relation to my MOOC, I felt that these themes of putting our best foot forward. Being the Ex-girlfriend and only sharing what we want others to see? Being the Instagram Artist, seeking reassurance from others and sharing what we think people like? Being the Beauty blogger and “selling” our classmates ideas and opinions that are liked? Is this being authentic? Is this how authentic we would be in a real-time school?

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