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On twitter, I posted the following:

“Reading Manifesto12 (pg55), the motivation of MOOC is guided by the individual instead of the purpose of education. Reminds me of the new Star Wars. trying to please fans as appose to create a real story. The result: a shoddy product for both that only makes a few happy  #mscedc”

To clarify my thinking
“Where the desires and motivations of the individual become the guiding principles for the MOOC model, there is little attention given to the broader, overarching justification for the kind of education on offer.”(pg.55, Manifesto. 2016)  Similar to when the guide for the Star Wars franchise became pleasing the fans, as appose to the writers having their own story and vision of the Star Wars universe. The resulting product of both the MOOC and the Star Wars franchise results in “Ok, but not great.” The product is acceptable for some, great for others but overall disappointing and lacking true meaning.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to quote the Manifesto to the public since it is technically (to my understanding) not available to the general public.

This quote was with me a lot while going through my MOOC course. I decided to stick with the course on superheroes, pondering this quote as I opened it. What is the purpose of this class? How is it justified to be offered? Is this an example of the individual’s needs being met over the true purpose of education?

But then I watched the first video by the professor who founded the course. He was telling the story of how he proposed the course and was almost immediately shot down. But he was able to argue how stories of superheroes have always been alive in every culture across the planet, how they have always been sources of inspiration and comfort, how we need these stories in society. I was deeply moved by that statement and felt it strongly bonded to my long-ago degree in Theatre and Film design. I’ve been inspired by this to try and make me ethnography like a comic book or a play. Still working out how I would do this since I’m not super tech-savvy…

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