Blog Post 4

Looking through the courses on the MOOCs has been proving to be a little overwhelming, to say the least. I decided that I wanted to take Sustainable Building Design, despite the fact that it had already started in January. Literally a month behind but I decided that it didn’t matter since I was only auditing and it was a subject I had a real interest in.

Right off the bat, when looking at their discussion forum I was impressed by all the people taking the class but also why they were taking it. Some, like me, were just interested in the subject. Some were taking it as a refresher course, a few are architects that are trying to learn about new architect trends. One woman was talking about how she wanted to build her own home and that she wanted it to be completely sustainable!

And then pretty quickly I realized that that was the only discussion board was the first one. So I decided I should find one with more of a community. I found the Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture. It looked awesome. But again lacking in discussion boards. I thought maybe I should just go with this and maybe do an ethnography on being a truly isolated student.

The farther in the class I got the more I considered openness and if this was the future of education. “Without a careful consideration of the meaning of openness, it is difficult to discern exactly what the condition of open education might be.” (pg 49, the Manifesto). Is this what openness is? This lack of boundaries accompanied by this lack of interaction? I wanted to continue with this course because the more I thought about it the more important it felt, the understanding of the isolated learner.

I was also pretty disappointed about the super hero class because I thought it would be an amazing discussion board to nerd-out on.

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