Your finalised lifestream blog  is due at midnight on Sunday the 29th of March 2020

Submit your final lifestream summary here – this is the 500 word overall summary which will also be the last visible entry in your lifestream blog.

The assignment is worth 50% of your final mark and consists of:

  • your lifestream blog items over the period of the course
  • your weekly  summaries (see the course handbook for instructions about what these should consist of)
  • your 500 word final summary, which should be the last visible entry in the lifestream blog.

To submit:

  1. Browse through your lifestream blog to make sure it is as you wanted, editing as needed.
  2. Check that your weekly summaries and your end-of-semester summary are all present.
  3. Copy your final 500 word summary to a word processing document for uploading to Moodle.
  4. Go to the course Moodle site and follow the instructions for the “lifestream blog” assignment.

Assessment criteria


Is the lifestream-blog well-maintained? Does it demonstrate regular and reasonably varied activity across a range of internet spaces, services and applications?


Are the end-of-week summaries, and has metadata been used to contextualise lifestream items effectively? Do they demonstrate an appropriate level of insight into the process and content of the lifestream-blog and the course?

Knowledge and understanding

Is the lifestream-blog content indicative of a good level of engagement with the course themes and curriculum? Are the structured blog activities in place and are they of high quality in terms of analysis and creativity? Do the lifestream-blog weekly summaries provided give further evidence of depth of engagement?

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