Here is where you will find the list of ethnographies as they are completed. Please let Jeremy know the location of your ethnography so we can add it in here.

Adrienne O Mahoney Micro-ethnography of Mooc
Brian Kerr
Charles Boyle
David Yeats Community pushing through the cracks
Erin King
Eva Pexara
Iryna Altukhova Field notes: MOOC online community
JB Falisse A tale of two stories?
Jon Jack Ethnographic Object
Matthew Crouch Some NHS e-Learning about an NHS MOOC
Matthew Taylor
Michael Wolfindale Entangled Communities
Monica Siegenthaler A heroic micro-ethnography
Sean Flower Micro-Ethnography
Susanne MacLeod Forced communities?
Thomas Reinhardt Small scale netography
Valerian Muscat A Community with a focus
Ana Torres Menendez
Jiyoung Kwon Scattered People and Ideas