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Adrienne O Mahoney Partial connections
Brian Kerr Being Human
Charles Boyle Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
David Yeats Digital Human Screenome Memoir
Erin King Cybercultures: The Good, The Bad and The Potentially Ugly
Eva Pexara
Iryna Altukhova Body and Technology
JB Falisse digital artefact
Jon Jack Transhumanism
Matthew Crouch Tinkering
Matthew Taylor Artifact
Michael Wolfindale Dualisms
Monica Siegenthaler Prosthetic Leg Progression
Sean Flower The struggles of socialising in the 22nd Century
Susan Orr Echoes in Time
Susanne MacLeod Being Human
Thomas Reinhardt Education Technology in 2028
Valerian Muscat Spaces
Ana Torres Menendez The body, technology and society
Jiyoung Kwon Warm and loving technology