Michael commented on Susanne MacLeod’s EDC lifestream – ‘Algorithmic play’

Algorithmic play

Michael Wolfindale:

Great artefact, Susanne, and really like the scrolling story/presentation style – very appropriate to the endless scrolling we often do on social media!

Interesting to see the kids’ videos appearing, and that you’ve tracked it down to perhaps what was an algorithm change. Also, you reflect on the apparent random nature of some of the results. This all appears to speak to the ‘emergent and constantly unfolding’ (and sometimes random) nature of algorithms that Kitchin (2017: 21) discusses.

As you point out, the non-transparent “black boxed” algorithms, obscured by technical aspects inaccessible for many and further complicated by the messy network of different connections, inputs and reactions – not to mention the surrounding social aspects, commercial agendas, ideologies and so on – makes it very difficult to research algorithmic systems (Kitchin 2017: 21).

Your artefact really highlighted this, and has been a thought provoking and reflective piece of work – thank you!

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