Joining ds106 as an open participant…

Hello ds106!

I’m Michael Wolfindale and work as an Instructional Designer at King’s College London. I’m very interested in digital storytelling and ds106.

I am also conducting a micro-ethnography of ds106 as part of an MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, specifically the Education and Digital Cultures (EDC) course (#mscedc), of which many elements are also ‘open’.

The micro-ethnography is a very small scale study focused on a specific aspect of the course – for more details, you can find out how we plan to build our ethnography. The micro-ethnography will also be published on my own public lifestream blog, which each of the students have as part of EDC.

Due to the nature of ds106, any conversations or activity used as part of the study will already be in the public domain, but please let me know if there are any issues with the above or if you do not wish to be included in the study by commenting on this post. You can also find out more about the ethical considerations of the study.

Thank you and looking forward to exploring ds106!


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