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  1. In this video I mention that there are ‘only three readings’ for the first block – there are indeed only three ‘core’ readings, but please do also try to read some of the secondary texts, as these provide important contexts for the ‘cybercultures’ theme.

  2. Hi Jeremy, happy Monday! I am currently in Vietnam with our MSc class in global business. They lost 3/4 of out luggage and they are only starting to be delivered (my chargers and power cables in the checked bag). I was only able to charge my phone now. I have been assured that we will have it back tomorrow. I have th evenings free, so I will jump in tomorrow! I am very much looking forward to this module!

  3. Hi Jeremy
    Is this the place to ask technical questions?
    if so then here’s one.
    I have copied in a youtube video link into WP, but the resulting video is much too large for the page.
    I tried to use the tag in the ‘text’ area, which allows proportions to be set, but the embed tag doesn’t display at all when published.
    Is there a way to make a video smaller in wordpress? The ‘plug’ ins option seems to be closed off to me so I can’t install a specialised Youtube plug in,
    many thanks Adrienne O Mahoney

      1. Thanks Jeremy,
        I tried that suggestion but it didn’t seem to make a difference (I couldn’t resize the video) but I’ll keep trying thanks, A

        1. Can you edit the video size within the embed code? You might be able to do this in IFTTT. Otherwise, you can do it retrospectively in WordPress, but that will take a bit of time.

          I know it might not look great, but the size of the video won’t affect the way your work is assessed!

  4. Watchtogether tutorials: there was one yesterday (wednesday) and according to Moodle, the second one is Thurs 16th @8pm, however the link isn’t working. Jeremy mentions in his video intro that the second watchtogther tutorial is on Friday evening. So I’m guessing the second tutorial is on tomorrow Friday and that Moodle will be updated to reflect that.

    1. The second tutorial was yesterday (Thursday) at 8pm, as specified on the course site and Moodle (apologies, I think my video intro was wrong!). Don’t worry about missing these, I’ll post up two new times for next week. The links won’t be made active until about 10mins before the session

      1. That’s fine Jeremy thanks. I didn’t miss Thursday’s video film festival as it turned out, I logged back in, it was an enjoyable session 🙂

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