The course starts on Monday January 13th 2020, but take a look before then at the ‘Before semester starts‘ page to see what you need to do to get set up (in particular your lifestream-blog). Please also get the dates for the real-time tutorials into your diary.

You will receive an email with details of how to log in to your blog space for this course – please email Jeremy ( you don’t have it by 10th January.

Our hashtag is #mscedc so please get tweeting any time in the run up to next semester – looking forward to seeing you online!

image by baldiri


  1. Thanks for the update Jeremy! Before Semester Starts links to the 2017 site. Are we roughly following the same 5 points of setup including Togethertube and Google Hangouts?

      1. Hello, Jeremy!
        I am setting up the lifestream blog in WordPress, and I have signed up IFTTT, clicked the explore button, but I cannot find ‘Make your own Applets from scratch’ button. I entered the whole words and searched, but nothing popped up. How can I fix this?

        1. Hi, the ‘Make your own Applets from scratch’ link should appear under the search box on the ‘explore’ page – it has a small black button with a ‘+’ sign. Have you signed up for an account? You’ll need to do this first I think.

          Let me know if you still have problems

  2. Yay! Time to start messing about horrifically with the look of my blog 🙂
    On a side note – is anyone else having trouble getting the Gravitar thing to work for changing their picture? Can’t seem to log in to it.

    1. Hi Matt, looks like you got your profile pic sorted (I can see it on your comment!) but, for anyone else who’s struggling, I managed to do it by creating a new account at using my Edinburgh email address i.e. s******* Once it emailed me an activation link, I was able to log in and set the profile pic.

      Hope that helps and looking forward to getting started with you all on the course today!

      1. In the end I had to set up a Gravitar account for me using my usual Google login deets (just easier so I don’t have to keep remembering passwords etc) and add on my Uni email address as an additional email, then switch which was primary. I think the main issue for me is that i have the Outlook on my tablet set up for Uni email, but don’t use Outlook on my PC, so I was trying to juggle different ways and means between 2 accounts on 2 different machines (one day I’ll do things the easy way, but today is not that day!).

  3. Any tips on properly embedding videos/tweets coming from IFTTT on the lifestream? At the moment, I can only get the URL to show.

  4. Tried to post here earlier but my comment seems to have disappeared. I was asking for tips on how to embed videos/tweets coming through IFTTT on the lifestream. At the moment I can only get the URLs to show.

      1. I’ve tried that but didn’t make a difference. I think there’s a problem with my WordPress rather than IFTTT. When I create a new post and paste the youtube URL in the editor, the video isn’t automatically embedded. I just see the URL. I’m using one of the default themes (twenty seventeen). I’ve been googling for hours but can’t seem to resolve it.

        1. Hi Susanne,

          Have you tried adding the embed code, within your IFTTT applet? When you link YouTube to WP, within the WP settings (in your IFTTT applet), under the ‘body’ field, you should be able to ‘add ingredient’, and choose ’embed code’

          Does that work?

          1. I’ve tried that but it just adds an empty box. It may be that the videos I liked were too large? Going to try a few more.

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