Comment on Visual Artefact – Education and technology in 2028 by Thomas

Thanks for your comments!
I shared my artefact in a “work in progress” version with you allowing everybody to make changes. But I made a copy of my original artefact.

I absolutely agree with your comment on in the curriculum @dyeats. Who is in control of the curriculum. This has, is and will always be an issue of politics, power struggle and other interests. But adding @vmuscat ‘s idea on the AI self generating curriculum or in other words there is no fixed curriculum anymore, we might have a lot to discuss on.

In my opinion there will always be a curriculum. The technological developments and the personalized AI driven learning and teaching ideas will only add another powerful component to the already existing struggle on curriculum development. Who is in control of the AI decisions of what it offers the learner to learn? Will education ministries develop their own AI used in schools/ to collaborate with teachers? Who will design the system, etc. etc.

So yes tech might amplify these concerns! Educationalists need more research on these issues if they want to be able to act knowingly and design the future of education.