End Week Summary 1 – Robots, Cyborgs, Extropianism and Technological Embodiment at the Film Festival

First weeks Education and Digital Cultures is over and core readings were flanked by Film Festival watch2gether sessions, to exchange on the multilayered influences the digital, the technology, the exponential speed of its development has on society and how it is perceived by society. Only slowly growing is the connection of utopian or dystopian perspectives in written and audio- visual form to digital education.

To an overview and connect open end I started – but not yet finished – a Mindmap which may help. I invite all reader to participate or comment on it. Core is to start to make interlinkages between the theoretical foundation to the movies and examples in the area of digital education.

#MSCEDC Block 1 

A core discussion and very relevant in the past week was on the AI (may it be in a more robotic or human form) and human interaction and the discussion on what makes us human and what could possibly make AI more human.

Where do we stop being humans?

–> Adding elements (becoming a Cyborg)  to enhance our capacities may also have an effect on our educational performance.  



Extend the durability of our humanity (Extropianism)


Can AI really have a proper understanding. According to “The intelligence explosion” AI based on algorithm has 0.0 understanding but what about the level of understanding of the humans?

0.0 understanding

–> If we have 0.0 trust in the capability of the algorithm to understand properly, why do we trust it in our day to day life.

  Can we ever trust the algorithm based learning software? Can we trust the non human teacher to judge over our performance?

Would it make a difference to make the AI more human? Would it improve teachers / learners performance? Would it change our perception of the AI/ Cyborg/ etc.? Don’t we already start interacting with technology since it has become prevalent in our society? Don’t we already have an almost intimate relation with our technology as described by Miller (2011).

I think we do and why give them authority to do so!

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  1. Hi Thomas,
    You did an amazing job on the mindmap and I love your use of images/videos to help embed the concepts. I’ve been trying to put a list of terms together on my page, but my attempt is lacking in images and associations. Your mind map idea is above and beyond.

    In answer to your question “Would it make a difference to make the AI more human?”, it is an interesting question. I was struck by our moral quandary; between human-kind’s continued development of Artificial intelligence, (created to serve human needs), and our responsibility to prevent the development of sentient slaves (if our AI became more human).
    Several of the cyberculture film clips Robots of Brixton, Cyborg, Tears in the rain, Retrofit, Robocop all show sentient forms of AI suffering emotionally and socially as they become more human but are unable to have the freedom to choose their path.

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