Algorithmic play artefact : teaching@digital podcast:

My algorithmic artefact is hosted on Podbean. There is the podcast itself but also more details of my algorithmic play experience framing this episode as text and screenshots. Would love you comment here or on the Podbean site, cheers:

One thing that has stood out for me in the efforts of platforms to personalise our experience by means of recommender algorithms is how this cultural turn influences what is expected of the services of educational institutions:

“the predefined ‘needs’ of the learner begin to provide the core justifications for education, the role of the educational institution and its teachers becomes merely responsive, one in which the institution exists to supply educational ‘services’ in response to learner demand.” (Knox, Williamson, Bayne, 2020)

In the same way that these ubiquitous platforms become more successful, the more responsive they are to our whims and desires, there is a feeling that for education to “survive” or merely become better, it must be adaptive to what ‘learners’ want.

The assumption being that autonomous ‘learners’ already exist complete as they are, rather than having their learning aspirations shaped by their teachers.

Digital Human Screenome Memoir

Around a fortnight’s worth of screenshots sequenced in order but manually taken rather than automatically as is being done in Stanford’s Human Screenome Project.

I used my fingers to snap these so an extra layer of digitality.

A complete accident that the first and last screenshots are from the mobile game version of Don’t Starve.

This is entitled a memoir because the screenshots were manual rather than automated and thus relied on me remembering to capture them daily (I’m sure I missed some days).

Rosi Braidotti’s public talks on Soundcloud are featured in the audio.

Creators of the Human Screenome Project feel like they’re able to learn a lot about a person from their screenome. So, as limited as this is, what do you think can be learnt about me from this Screen Memoir?

To view individual screenshots in a gallery visit: