End Week Summary_2 – Embrace the AI?

End of week 2_

The question on Cyber- Community and Algorithmic cultures continued to be an essential aspect. Algorithmic cultures is a striking emerging subject, while we still have not overcome the seperating cybercultures and tool providing community cultures. How do we deal with algorithm based decision making? Already we accept it in our google search or in many other apps but if the algorithm starts to decide about your future it is another aspect.

For digital education there are many fields for development and change but the most present is the discussion about using AI in the classroom.


In China the next stage of technical development and use has already begun with the use of AI for learning and teaching. While at least in Germany the discussion on the use of AI and the borders and boundaries of data collection is very controversially fought, other countries already in the phase of piloting.

Michael from the #mscedc course found a nice article which puts this discussion in a table. I would like to highlight, that there is always the fundamental question of  good and bad (for learning)  – like in the movies we watched. SO is technology, the technology we use and how we use it good or bad for learning?

The movie “The Intelligence Explosion” demonstrated the distrust in the algorithm based AI / Cyborg by those who are more into ethics. But even its developers seeking for a possibility to make “Gunther” more human. May it be to make the AI better or to increase acceptance from society.

For digital learning in the new century AI based learning software and the way how teacher, learner, developers handle it is crucial for an efficient use of technology.


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