End Week Summary_3 – Cyberculture and reality

Last week of cyberculture passed with a major focus on searching the utopia/ dystopia which has become already reality. Referring to some discussions during the #mscidel course, about the use of education technologies during various stages or in various areas of education delivery. Starting from early childhood education to

to individualized AI teaching systems.

Considering technology is introduced at a very early age, with human like emotions, reaction of society towards technology might change in future generations. The use of technology in education will be normal and accepted. Teachers interacting and possibly interacting with AI could be normal in future teacher generations if the balance between technology and the human teacher will be considered valuable.

In this stage we already entering a possible algorithm cultures debate. How do we interact with robots or technology with an incorporated AI? What are the effects on the society. This is not the dystopian sci-fi reality, this is – due to an exponential development of algorithm based artificial technology – a reality in our todays society. Technology is embedded into out daily life, and we start to talk/ interact/ share emotions and information to AI in an ever stronger way.

“Her” might be still an futuristic vision of our interaction but the way how the society sees technology and intelligent technology is changing. “Alexa”, “Siri” or “Cortana” are accepted among our most private environments and even though is is well known that these devices collect information about us, they stay.

Cyberculture as isolated, uncontrollable system has passed, let’s embrace technology as integral part of our community, or shouldn’t we?