Human – Cyborg role play

Today we had our first film festival tutorial and I enjoyed very much the discussion and the way how we did it. We watched 4 short movies together by using the watch2gether online tool. 

Exchange via chat went well and a lot of different ideas were shared.


The recurring issue was the human – cyborg / AI  interaction. Very interestingly displayed in Retrofit.

Some of the aspects in my (and others) opinions were

  • uploading human emotions into a cyborg/ AI with uncontrollable results
  • emotional robots vs. unemotional human beings / reasonable robots vs. overreacting or overemotional humans –> role swapping
  • robots juging/ identifying human limitations
  • utopian visions of robot – human interrelation
  • control vs.  self determination
  • free will vs. algorithm based behaviour

Alltogether the movies showed a less a dystopian future vision (with exclusion of 2001 clip) as many sci – fi movies do.

Also Retrofit, Cyborg or Intelligence explosion movies are experimenting with the ideas of how robots or AI are to be integrated in our society, how they might react and how society might react.

What are your opinions?