Comment on Algorithm play #mscedc I have chosen to meddle with my Netflix profile and become a Romantic / well being movie fan out of a sudden. Find my Day to day Steller log book on Pinterest. by Michael Wolfindale

Great artefact, Thomas, and love the way you have presented it with a timeline of screenshots, reflections and audio commentary!

Some fascinating explorations meddling with your Netflix profile here. It’s interesting to see your reflections on how your location may have changed the results, and also that time is a factor (it took a few days, or a higher number of views of certain content, for things to come through).

It’s also interesting that you comment on how this may have influenced you – did you feel ‘in control’ or that the results were ‘controlling’ you to a degree, and shaping your habits?

Also, I wonder what assumptions Netflix may have begun to make about you. While you were deliberately ‘playing’ with the algorithm in this case, how did you feel about the data collected in the process and any assumptions made/conclusions drawn?


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