Small scale netography on the MOOCs “Storytelling in the Workplace” / “Big Data and education” / “AI for everyone”

Find the netography here

I used mainly thinklink and ApowerRec and used only my own pictures.

3 Replies to “Small scale netography on the MOOCs “Storytelling in the Workplace” / “Big Data and education” / “AI for everyone””

  1. Hi Thomas,
    First of all, well done on a truly enjoyable artefact, 3 netnographies in one as well! I had a great deal of fun exploring this and I even went round twice to see if there were other pathways to explore.

    The hiking trail is an ideal metaphor for the xMOOC. That concrete pathway with so much entanglement of mangrove and rainforest all around. Reminds me of the feeling I had of the MOOC community as tree roots pushing through cracks in a footpath.

    The screen captures were a perfect way to illustrate each point along with the text-based description (very glad to see Microsoft have integrated their text-reader into this too). You included lots of rich detail and powerful insights. Comparing your experience in the three different MOOCs illustrated exactly how certain uses of the tech could diminish or foster the sense of community.

    Shocked to see how monomodal one of the MOOCs was, obviously not a lot of design thought had gone into it. The MOOC marketplace seems to be flooded with these consumption model offerings, hastily thrown together without much care for pedagogy.

    Lastly, your observation about the sharing of personal experience being a strong catalyst for engagement seems to be a common theme across a number of the netnographies. Definitely something to keep in mind!

    Thanks again for this netnography, very fun!

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