Visual Artefact – Education and technology in 2028

My visual artefact is a slideshow through various dystopian or utopian (your choice) future scenarios. The title is “Education in 2028- A dystopian or utopian vision”. I have mainly used a Brainstorming App “mindmeister” and “pixlr” Foto editing tool. All Fotos were taken from flickr, pixabay, pxfuel labeled for reuse and modification. 


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6 Replies to “Visual Artefact – Education and technology in 2028”

  1. Nice artefact Thomas!

    I liked the question: ‘who is the tool in this relationship?’ Following the suggestion that AI teachers were ‘more effective’, this seemed to suggest a very instrumental form of education, perhaps in which students become the resources, or tools, with which machine learning is trained. It is interesting to imagine where the focus would lie in such a scenario: better learning for human students, or better models for machine learners? Sounds quite dystopic to me.

    There seemed to be more ‘dystopia’ than ‘utopia’ across your statements? Although, I thought the idea of AI assisted virtual learning environments specifically for the purposes of opening the black box of algorithmic decision-making was a great idea!

  2. ‘Who is in charge of the curriculum?’. Interesting point Thomas. Will there even be a curriculum in 2028 or will learning be AI-generated according to the needs of that particular moment, a particular curriculum for every individual according to personal capabilities, interests and ideas? I think the slideshow accurately brings to the fore some very important questions which education needs to ask itself very soon.

  3. Great artefact Thomas!
    I couldn’t get the link to the artefact to work so I downloaded the version you linked at the bottom and I think I somehow got a link to your work in progress on the final digital essay or at least your brain-stormed notes on the Course? :

    Anyway, it’s very engaging either way, and a very effective way of collecting and connecting themes. Your answers to the questions raised focus very much on the dystopian view of the future of education. I think the biggest questions are around control of curriculum, but hasn’t that always been a flashpoint in education? The conflict between private and public education, the social and the personalised, have been points of conflict long before great profit and power could be derived from EdTech.

    Does Tech greatly amplify these concerns in the same way that algorithms amplify human bias?

  4. Thanks for your comments!
    I shared my artefact in a “work in progress” version with you allowing everybody to make changes. But I made a copy of my original artefact.

    I absolutely agree with your comment on in the curriculum @dyeats. Who is in control of the curriculum. This has, is and will always be an issue of politics, power struggle and other interests. But adding @vmuscat ‘s idea on the AI self generating curriculum or in other words there is no fixed curriculum anymore, we might have a lot to discuss on.

    In my opinion there will always be a curriculum. The technological developments and the personalized AI driven learning and teaching ideas will only add another powerful component to the already existing struggle on curriculum development. Who is in control of the AI decisions of what it offers the learner to learn? Will education ministries develop their own AI used in schools/ to collaborate with teachers? Who will design the system, etc. etc.

    So yes tech might amplify these concerns! Educationalists need more research on these issues if they want to be able to act knowingly and design the future of education.

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