Michael commented on Sean Flower’s EDC lifestream – ‘My short video documenting how I played around with Facebook ads…’

My short video documenting how I played around with Facebook ads fell foul to YouTube’s algorithm managing spam and scams😆. You can see the video by clicking on the link. I HAVE APPEALED THIS TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE👊😋 #mscedc https://t.co/9zsHKExoRQ https://t.co/Gj8pGs6SuU

Michael Wolfindale:

What a fascinating exploration, Sean, and a sobering look into how Facebook and others are sharing/matching our personal information in pursuit of profit!

Remembering how many terms and conditions I’ve accepted (without reading) over the years makes me slightly terrified to check my own Facebook advertising settings… all in pursuit of convenience, or to connect with someone, or because I would be (or feel) excluded if I didn’t sign up to one service or another. I know it would take so much time and complexity to “undo” or “remove” all that data from the various services (if it’s even possible in all those cases) that it’s pretty much unthinkable for me, yet your artefact brought to the fore the extent that others may be taking advantage (and what I might be sacrificing).

This is ever more relevant for us, given Facebook’s foray into education and ‘personalized learning platforms’, although there are signs of resistance. Ironically, the [previous] link required me to accept another set of terms and conditions, so I’ve found an alternative

You mention you were shocked in browsing which firms had shared your data – do you feel your privacy was compromised and did you feel you had originally given meaningful/informed consent for this to happen?

Great artefact – really raises lots of relevant questions!

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