I wasn’t sure if this popped up as a result of my play or if popped up for everyone! What do you think? Either way, I thought it was really cool of Pinterest to have this. Stay safe everyone and wash your hands! #mscedc

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“….Here are some ideas we found for you.” And it takes you to this page with boards like “calming craft ideas for kids”, “inspirational quotes for hard times”, “at home yoga”, “stress management ideas”, “home crafts”, and “Easy and fun recipes for canned food.”… #mscedc

from http://twitter.com/harMonica1

I wanted to give an update on my algorithm play that I thought was really interesting. This morning I logged on to Pinterest and there was a tab that said “stay safe from Covid 19. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and be careful when preparing food….” #mscedc

from http://twitter.com/harMonica1

Thomas’s algorithm play

Hi Thomas!
That was really cool. I especially liked your observation of the thumbnails on Netflix. It had never occurred to me that those changes with a purpose, using different thumbnails to make the same movie appeal to different viewers. It’s an interesting idea that being in Mexico might influence your algorithm.
I really liked your presentation style by the way, very slick.
I also didn’t know some of those movies were on Netflix and now I’m going to go watch them…

David’s algorithm play

Hi David,
I didn’t think there would be so many songs with the word algorithm in it. It feels like really random music content. The real question is, did they use the word correctly or did it just fit in with the lyrics?
I had a similar experience in mine about Pinterest. I have been using it for a long time so it actually took a bit of effort to get my feed to change.
That’s an interesting point about how AI is a term that is being used to so broadly now, to improve marketing of a product or just make it sound better in some regard.
Capitalism dying because w all die does sound fairly possible. At least is what the media is saying is true. Which is probably isn’t, or maybe it is. Anyway, go wash your hands!
Back to algorithms, that was another great point of relating algorithm play on platforms to social groups. Platforms such as Pinterest or Spotify, it’s about who you know, not the work itself.
Overall, very interesting and I liked the Podcast style.

Iryna’s algorithm play

Hi Iryna!
I liked your artifact, that was such a cool idea to have so many people from all over to do the same search and see if it changed from the location. I also didn’t know that there was no Google in China. An interesting point about considering if technology is further entrenching the social divide.
I agree with you about the whole “giving the customer what he doesn’t yet know he wants.” It’s such a bizarre concept but then very in line with all advertizement. Stores put charcoal next to grills, milk next to bread, jeans next to t-shirts, to insight the idea of what you are going to want next.
I also loved your idea about how its “googles” as it is how we look through it and see the world.
Really well done!

Blog Post 9

This past week has felt very intense. As the panic around Covid 19 rose it became much harder to focus on my school work. Luckily I incorporated it into my play. I found the results of searching Covid 19 on Pinterest fascinating. It refused to show any results beyond what actual health industries had posted (posters on washing hands properly, handling food and so on). But my feed was suddenly flooded with stress-relieving ideas and coping techniques. Which I found very interesting.

This had been a stark contrast to my other play, searching hiking trails in Germany. I thought it was interesting that the farther down the search I went the more I was steered away from the search. For example, I would start with my search, then scroll down and it would gradually shift from hiking trails to castles to restaurants to travel packing to clothing. I feel this is important to mention because the Covid 19 search must be being searched by everyone right now, so my results might have been somewhat manipulated by the entire planet. Which is a fascinating phenomenon to consider, the entire planet influencing the results for your search? Who does that? What brilliant programmer put into place the algorithm’s ability to detect panic and react to it?

I also posted the video of the algorithm writing a comedy script because I needed a distraction and thought it was funny and an interesting idea. How close are we to computers taking over creativity? It doesn’t look that close, does it?