Liked on YouTube: Molly Makes Pasta al Limone | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Molly Makes Pasta al Limone | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
Join Molly in the Test Kitchen as she makes Pasta al Limone. This classic lemon sauce recipe has a lot of fat and a lot of acidity, so don’t be shy with adding salt and taste as you go. It will likely require more than you think to strike that perfect balance.
Check out the recipe here:

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Molly Makes Pasta al Limone | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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Liked on YouTube: My Favourite Things – Covid 19 version

My Favourite Things – Covid 19 version
The Sound of a Pandemic! Don’t worry, Maria and the Von Trapplings know how to deal with it!
Lyrics below.

**New video – something a bit different as a tribute to those we are self-isolating with –
I’m also working on another video and need your help! See to see how.*** Thanks!

Stay safe and enjoying your favourite things in your bubbles – greetings from New Zealand.

Watching old movies
And raiding the kitchen
Browsing online, I can fuel my addiction
Staying in bed, having no alarms ring
Nothing to do, it’s my favourite thing

Who can be lonely with Netflix – there’s oodles!
Stuffing my face with chips, lollies and noodles
Wild parties, singing and living like kings
Being in lockdown is my favourite thing

Playing Grand Theft Auto with guns and car crashes
Not doing make up or curling eyelashes
We hate Corona with all it brings
But staying at home is my favourite thing

Lazy long nights
Days not working
Home is not too bad
I simply do all of my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so sad.

Food stops and dozes, and dressing gown fashion
Hours of keeping up with the Kardashians
Using House Party and having a fling
Self-isolation – my favourite thing

Not caring whether it’s Monday or Friday
Every day’s special cause every day’s MY day!
Not shaving my legs, not curling my hair
Showers, who needs them? – I don’t have to care

Stuff getting dressed – I’m staying in my pyjamas
Happily laughing at old workplace dramas
We need a vaccine as soon as can be
But until then, this is perfect for me!

Lazy long nigh-
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Liked on YouTube: Forever 31 – Starring Iliza Shlesinger – Watch episode 1 – “Enough is Enough”

Forever 31 – Starring Iliza Shlesinger – Watch episode 1 – “Enough is Enough”
We’ve all been there: You have a massive meltdown on camera, it goes viral and your life is ruined. Iliza decides to take advantage of her newfound notoriety to launch her own web show.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger and her friends struggle with the indignities of dead-end jobs, hangovers, dating, infidelity and all the rest of the absurdities of modern adulthood.

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Liked on YouTube: Asleep.

Don’t you hate it when your leg decides to take a nap? This was so much fun to make. Thank you to Steph for being an amazing supporter and my best friend. Hope this makes ya’ll laugh!

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Blog Post 10: The Final Post

Final Post, here we go!

Over the course of going through the internet, looking for different materials for my blog stream I influenced my data algorithm to give me content that related to our classwork. When I first approached a new block I would search for content that might give me a brief overview of what we were studying. Youtube videos on sci-fi and community, TedTalks about algorithms, or Pinterest posts about cyberculture. What is notable about my blog and this algorithm is that I also found meaning in humor. I enjoyed posting a lot of videos that I thought were both amusing but related to our course topics in a new way. Videos about the authenticity of bloggers, about algorithms writing skits, or people struggling with different technology. 


Block 1: Cyberculture

This block was a great way to launch the class. I was feeling very overwhelmed this first week with setting everything up, trying to get organized and make sure that I was doing everything “right”. The film festival was a really cool way to see all these different pieces of cyberculture. I’m really into science-fiction so I found the block to build on my interests. At this point there hadn’t been much of a response from my algorithms on my social media or the internet because the first block was in line with an interest that I already had. 


Block 2: Community Cultures

After reading the literature and from experience in my own online communities I know how valuable an online community can be. “Recent developments in ethnographic online research reveal how much online communities are changing notions of the self, systems of social support, personal and work relationships, institutional power, and social activism.” (Kozinets, 2009. pg 40). This reflected my experience with my fandom community but not of my MOOC. Despite my MOOC having a very similar pattern to my online fandom community, the authenticity of the two communities was vast. While the participants of the MOOC are encouraged to interact, to like the Facebook page and follow the class on Twitter, but few do. MOOCs seem to be mostly isolating. “Research has highlighted passive behaviors in MOOC participants, and questions have been raised about the isolation of students in such open educational formats.” (Bayne et al. 2019). When you’re in an environment, a community and you feel that you have no impact that matters, then you don’t seek to make an impact. 

For my algorithm in this block, I sought to feel less isolated. I actually interacted with my fandom community more because it related to my MOOC (The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture). I found myself almost seeking companionship from both this community and my algorithm. I searched for extra information for class and spent time reading more fandom than normal. 


Block 3: Algorithmic Culture

Block 3 became very intense in the middle with Covid 19 kicking into high gear. This greatly influenced my algorithm both in the play activity and in my regular searching. What I found absolutely fascinating was the way my algorithm responded to these searches of Covid 19, particularly in Pinterest where my play happened. I got feedback that promoted calm, I saw advertisements for apps called “Calm” and “Breath.” On Pinterest, I got recommended “coping strategies”, “relaxation yoga”, and “the importance of destressing.” This made me wonder, to what capacity are algorithms designed to take care of us? 


I’ve been reflecting on how these algorithms, these searches, and all this collective data represent me. How does it show what I value, my thinking process and how I relate to the course material? Who does my artifacts think I am?

I heavily used Youtube and Twitter. I chose Twitter because I enjoy communicating with others in the class and feeling connected, also because it was easy to post other materials there as well, such as Pinterest posts, TedTalks and other articles. I chose Youtube because I found a lot of information there, and with the algorithm, the more material I looked at, the more I got in return. This class made me reflect on the ideas of what I am feeding to the algorithm and what the algorithm, in turn, is giving me. Where do we begin and the algorithms end? And does this question even matter? 

Bayne, S., Evans, P., Ewins, R., Knox, J., Lamb, J., Macleod, H., O’Shea, C., Ross, J., Sheail, P., Sinclair, C. (2019 DRAFT). The Manifesto for Teaching Online.

Kozinets, R.V. (2010) Chapter 2 ‘Understading Culture Online’, Netnography: doing ethnographic research online. London: Sage. Pp. 21-40.

This whole experience reminds me of the meet up I had last Wednesday, @SeanFlower3 made an amazing point about taking this opportunity to think about what we truely value in education. And in preschool, it’s all about social interaction. #mscedc


So we are still going to do class for my preschoolers. Zoom circle time, small group activities. Does anyone have any suggestions for preschool activities, besides books? Really want to focus on the kids interacting with each other, not jut the teacher talking. #mscedc


Liked on YouTube: If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)
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I added this video because I have been thinking about what it is that I contribute to my algorithm with Google. What random questions do I put in that manipulate it? What bizarre searches, strange website and shopping do I do that change the results? And what about all of us put together? What random searches do we do that change and effect all of us?