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  1. Hi Monica,
    I was impressed at how focused the Pinterest algorithm was. It did what it was supposed to do and you seem to have observed it really well. I like the part where you mention that Pinterest is a collection of things about you….sort of like a digital footprint of all the searches you have tried on Pinterest and all the things you liked. It resembles an album, in a way, of different periods in life and what you found interesting at the time. It also makes me wonder whether computers are able to deduce things about us that we would mot find apparent. Great use of Prezi and layout. Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing your artifact, Monica!
    Your point-Pariser’s idea that media is shaping us- is especially inspiring to me.
    Given the fact that algorithms are unseen and black-boxed, we are unlikely informed of which factors are working in recommendation systems. So it may be almost impossible to define who is held accountable for and we are getting passive consumers of information. In school settings, teachers can intervene in the educational process, but what about informal education outside classrooms? While playing with YouTube, Pinterest, Google without critical thinking, we may be led by unseen power relations that reinforce their own interests.

  3. Great artefact, Monica, and love the way you’ve laid out your reflections, Q&A and conclusions in Prezi! Very timely too, particularly with all the ongoing events currently.

    It’s fascinating how you framed your artefact around the notion of media shaping us and our identities, and also in the context of education how algorithmic systems might lead to a ‘child led curriculum’. It’s also really interesting how the algorithm might be seen in the context of the classroom, and the human-machinic relations occurring there. It reminds me a little of this article which talks about the role of AI in medicine…

    …and all made me reflect on where the power and agency lies in all of this. Really thought provoking – great work!

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