As if by magic, the Tweets appear…

Okay, so I spent a while this morning fiddling with the settings for IFTTT when I Tweet. Eventually I found a way to get it to show the Tweet as a nice embed, rather than just repeating the text. Then I took Rhydian out to the shops (hoping he’d have a nap). When I got back, as if by magic, all the Tweets from earlier where embedded…

Not the YouTube videos though. I wonder what happened. Do they just take a while to come through? I looked at someone else’s blog earlier and all their Tweets are still text, even though they Tweeted them yesterday. A mystery to unravel!

I’ve modified the earlier posts so they look nicer (even though they where only to test my set up). The comments on them show my working for sorting out the embedding in IFTTT, so there’s a little journey there πŸ™‚

The site we’re trying to wrangle into posting here for us.

Hello Void!

The cover for The Nightmare Stacks by Charles Stross.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title for this first post. If you’ve read the Charles Stross Laundry books then you’ll know where it comes from. If you’ve not read them then regain 2d6 Max Sanity.

Plenty of pre-course fun to get to grips with here (making sure the theme etc for the page is a truly awful mess of images and badly considered fonts and so forth).

Next up will be adding the lifestream elements. Hopefully it won’t pull too many of my irrelevant posts on Twitter/Facebook, but if there’s a suddenΒ  run of really odd things here then it just means I haven’t been on for a few hours to tidy up a bit πŸ™‚