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The style of this NHS e-learning course sure is striking! I think maybe it was my bandwidth as well but it had a very early web feel with the page loading gradually, the image slowly being revealed.

It also gave a powerful impression of the “solitary process” you describe in NHS e-learning. It is more than solitary, it is actually isolated, walled in almost within the block frames. Even the text is a series of images, completely inaccessible in more than one way.

Your assessment of the 3 groups of users and speculation on their motivations is really astute. I liked that you highlighted the significance and power of ‘likes’ as a way of signalling the activity of lurkers.

I doubt if the stark conclusion you draw at the end of your artefact is true. However, I do think it is a feeling we all have at times working in the ‘e-learning’ field. Often doubt whether I’m just serving the agenda of technology companies rather than supporting education.

Comments for Crouchipuss’s Lifestream

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