3 Replies to “Week 4: Community Cultures”

  1. Thanks for the welcome Jeremy! Have done my best to comment on everyone’s Visual Artefacts. And thank you for opening up the Moodle forum, it’s a good way to bring questions to the entire group in one place.

    Small request, which you should certainly ignore if it creates too much more work for you, would it be possible for you to add captions to your videos when possible? I think if you’re using Kaltura to upload them, there is a machine captioning service they have now. Once requested, it takes about 15-25mins to generate and is about 88% accurate I believe. As I said, if it isn’t available, there’s no trouble as it doesn’t impact me on an level of access, merely convenience.

    1. Hi David,
      Sorry for the delay, just following up on this now. I use an in-house service called Media Hopper Create, and there is unfortunately not a straightforward way to caption. I’d need to find a way of automating the transcript, as you describe, so need to think about this!

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