Week 3 – wrapping up ‘cybercultures’

Hi everyone, welcome to week 3 of EDC2020!

I thought I’d just use text for this weekly introduction, given that we have three video tutorials (Google Hangouts) scheduled this week. We will use this time to discuss the visual artefact, progress with the lifestreams so far, and generally wrap up the ‘cybercultures’ block. Looking forward to it!

It’s great to see your lifestreams up and running, with lots of feeds place and really interesting content beginning to populate your work. Keep it up! There are a couple of things that I thought it was worthwhile emphasising as we begin week 3. Firstly, remember that the lifestream is quite a different task to your IDEL blog (particularly if you’ve just come from IDEL). The lifestream is much more about recording your explorations of the web than it is about writing substantive posts – by all means write blog posts, but I would suggest keeping these fairly brief. Focus on feeds and your end-of-week lifestream summaries. Related to this, my comments will be fairly brief, as we’re not explicitly attempting the kind of dialogue you will have experienced in IDEL.

Secondly, it is worth starting to think about how you are going to manage your lifestream, particularly if you’ve already got lots of content. As I suggested in some of my comments, do make use of the categories and tags in WordPress to aid navigation, and to start to order your work. You might also want to think about balance – tweets often tend to dominate.

Thirdly, we’ve deliberately avoided using a discussion forum on this course, so that discussion can take place within your lifestreams. Do please comment on each others work, and use comments as the primary means of peer communication. You can also set up a feed to record your comments in other blogs, so that they appear as a record in your own lifestream.

And finally, the visual artefact is an opportunity to pull together everything you’ve been exploring, experiencing, and learning in this block so far. Do remember that it is the educational implications we are focusing on, not just the Sci-Fi! It is not assessed itself, but its presence in your lifestream will be taken into account when the lifestream is assessed.

Enjoy the week everyone, see you in the tutorials!


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  1. Hi Jeremy, I’ve been trying to find the options for setting up the feed you suggested for comments left on other people’s blogs. I can’t find any way of doing this without plug ins, am I missing something?

    1. Hi, so you can try using the RSS feed trigger in IFTTT. Choose the trigger ‘new feed item matches’, and specify your name (the one that will appear in your comment), and paste in the URL from the feed you want: http://example.com/comments/feed/ – just replace ‘example.com’ with the blog you want to get comments from.

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