BBC Sounds: Real Web Lives – Online Friendships and Community

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Great podcast that I unearthed from Real Lives Web on BBC Sounds.  Poses some interesting questions about online community and online ‘friendships’.  If friendships develop online, are they really friendships?  Or do they require a different classification?

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  1. Great find, Brian! Many thought-provoking ideas on the main functions of online communication, which are ‘making friends, playing with personalities and talking about taboos’. Learning was somehow left out, now I see.

    The story of a hijacked personality was particularly exciting. Can this act be treated as a side-effect of online disembodiment? But identity is not about the body only. Need to think more about it…

    1. Thanks for this. You’re right, this really was a useful and pertinent find, with quite a few links to the themes being explore in community cultures. I found the discussion of what constitutes an ‘online friend’ and how they rapidly and intimately they develop particularly fascinating. The fact that individuals disclose deeply personal issues to ‘online friends’ is incredible, but gives you an interesting insight into how reciprocal trust is a key factor in ensuring successful online-community.

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