Me, myself and I

Before we get properly started on the business of lifestreaming, I thought I would briefly introduce myself.

My name is Brian Kerr and I am a teacher of history and geography at the leading British international School in Qatar, where I have been living since 2010.  I have the added responsibly of being Head of Digital Learning for our Primary and Secondary campuses, so this is what motivates me to learn more about digital education.

I have been enrolled on the Digital Education programme with Edinburgh University since September 2018, and have completed the IDEL course and Digital Education in a Global Context.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Educational and Digital Culture has in store for the weeks and months ahead.

3 Replies to “Me, myself and I”

  1. Hi Brian. Nice to meet you. I like the design of your blog. I too spent many years teaching and this course brings a lot into perspective.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it certainly does. I completed the IDEL course last year and I found it similar in that sense. The course informed my teaching practice, and my teaching practice helped develop my understanding of the course. I am hopeful that this course will develop my skills and knowledge in the same reciprocal manner.

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